• Amie Charney

Hunting in HEB

I had the distinct honor of joining with thirteen other amazing women this month to give motherhood a microphone! Listen to Your Mother San Antonio was an opportunity to hear a beautiful patchwork of funny, heartwarming, emotionally intense, and profound stories. Because of the show, I was featured in the May edition of San Antonio Magazine. The day it hit the newstands, my son and I went hunting in our local San Antonio HEB. I can't tell you how excited I was to open it right there in the middle of the store. A lovely woman walked by and saw my happy dance and squeal of delight ... she was awesome enough to snap my photo and buy a copy. Of course, about five aisles into actually grocery shopping (I'm pretty sure it was the pizza roll freezer section), I realized my day wouldn't be complete unless my son was in the photo with me. So, like any decent mom, I dragged him back to the magazine aisle and made him snap a selfie with me for posterity. You can read the story by clicking this link ... You can also find out more about the Listen to Your Mother Show ... and 2020 auditions (if you are in the San Antonio area) by clicking this link ...

Amazing what a little makeup, lighting, and the amazing photographer Josh Huskin can do!

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