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One of my new gigs...

This August, I took over as Director of Creative Writing for the Northeast School of the Arts (NESA) ... we are the performing arts high school on San Antonio (think Fame), and my program offers majors in fiction, poetry, playwriting, screenwriting and creative non-fiction. I wrote these words as part of my opening comments to my new writing students... words I believe ever writer should embrace!

“There would be no books no movies no theater without writers. Actors would have no words to say, worlds would not be created. We, the human race, become the stories that are told. You, the Writers, are the tamers of imagination for you alone tap the source code of existence. You do not merely capture or imitate or resemble life... you sieze the blank page and breathe life onto it. It matters not what the four walls of this room or school or city or world look like, the only space that is needed, is the limitless mind’s eye of imagination. And if that eye is open wide enough, even the smallest idea particle can seed the unknown and explode into worlds yet unseen. So write, finish what you write, and send it out into the world.” Amie Charney, MFA

Click on the link to find out more about NESA and our creative writing program:

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