Pitching Now

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Cape Disappointment

Train wreck best-selling author visits the Northwest fishing village she randomly googled for her novel’s setting only to find it overrun by her rabid fans at war with the eclectic townies and a smoldering semi-reformed bad boy.

Dramady, Quirky, Romance, Bingeable 

Cape Disappointment

YA Fantasy writer’s novel goes mega-viral and the small town she sets the story in is overrun by cos-playing teens and rabid fans. To make matters worse, half the town is cash-mad, tearing the once tight-knit community a part. In the midst of her “everything’s-gone-to-shit” crisis, she finds the friends and home she’s always longed for in Cape Disappointment. Despite being the world’s worst “fixer”, she’s dead set on righting the wrongs her book has caused, but each problem she tries to solve creates a blizzard of new ones. To complicate things, she’s falling for the town bad boy turned semi-respectable business owner, who keeps kicking her out of his pub for the crime of ruining his town. She wants a hero; he’s hung up his cape. She needs to fix herself, not because of the man, but in spite of him. He needs to get out of his rut, and stop freaking out about losing his heart again.

GENRE/EPISODES Contemporary Romance. Comedic Drama. Twelve Episodes. Serial.

Ballet Dancers
Sugar Plum Wish

Tinsel Loving New York Doctor wants to grant his young patient's Christmas wish to dance in the Nutcracker, but has to team up with a prickly Prima Ballerina in need of Christmas Spirit. 

Cozy Christmas Romance 
Sugar Plum Wish

Christmas on Pointe

Camp Christmas

World-worn Special Forces hero needs some bright optimism to make his Christmas miracle happen. He enlists a smart and sassy designer dynamo to help him create Camp Christmas for the wives and families of his fallen and injured military brothers-at-arms. 

Under Construction - Current WIP
Camp Christmas
Camouflage and Christmas Lights
Drawn to Love

Mitch Black, a former nerd turned best-selling comic book artist, creates a kick-butt female superhero based on his unrequited high school crush. Tara Taggart shows up fifteen years later at Comic Con only to find out she’s his muse. Stinky Mitch, Tara’s school nickname for him, is nerd no longer, and she falls hard. Tara has her own story and is about to run smack into a troubled past she’s tried to forget. This former teen music idol was a has-been by nineteen — one minute on top of the world, and the next afloat with no foundation. She pursues a new dream and becomes a successful winemaker, but still hasn’t faced the people and place she loves but left behind, especially Mitch. Pitching Now! Complete 75K

Rancho Springs Book 1
Pitching Now!
Drawn to Love
Pitching Now!
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Rancho Springs Series
Under Imagination Now!

Shaped To Love: Rancho Springs Book 2

Summer sizzles when former NFL quarterback Grant Ryan's company threatens to redevelop the historic charm out of Rancho Springs. Feist sculptor Ella Black, proprietor of Black House Studio and President of the Historical Society, becomes the irresistible opposition to Grant's immovable cool.

Blueprint to Love: Rancho Springs Book 3

Spring is the season for fresh beginnings, and when Dr. Hannah Morgan patches up the young son of award winning architect Ben Rhodes. sparks fly. Hannah can't shake the feeling of deja vu, and when she discovers her role in Ben's deepest tragedy, they will have to work past the pain to find the promise of forever love. 

Published Short Works

The Red
As You Were
The Military Review
How to Schedule a Nervous Breakdown
Proud to Be Southeast Missouri University Press
 Explore the rich tapestry of the Vieux Carre through the poetry, prose and photography

Workshop Topics

I am a teacher at heart (and in real life) and love speaking at workshops, on panels, and to groups of all ages. I hold an MFA in Fiction from the University of California Riverside as well as secondary education teaching credentials in California and Texas. I have ten years of teaching experience in creative writing and literature. My workshops are craft driven, fun, and interactive! If you are looking for a speaker or workshop instructor, please see some of my craft workshops below. I am also happy to customize or build workshops for your group.

If you are interested, please send me an email through my ABOUT page or directly at connect (dot) acharney (at) gmail (dot) com.

Hero's Journey

Path of a Hero

What is the Hero's Journey ... the one myth to rule them all? How can you use this story structure to take your writing to the next level? Explore the plot structure and archetypes to create exciting prose that will resonate with your reader. (Bonus this workshop features a Hero's LARP) 

Couple Holding Hearts

Weaving in Romance

Whether romance is your A storyline or your B storyline, explore how to weave a strong romantic arc into your story. This goes way beyond a three-act structure into the romantic beats that must be hit.

ALSO... learn about the women's fiction genre in Not Your Grandmother's Bodice Ripper! 

Vintage Typewriter
Deep Craft

Think Like an Author

Go beyond the what and enter the world of why. This workshop is aimed at writers and readers who would like to work on critical analysis of story to take their own writing to a deeper level. Discover not just what an author is saying in their writing, but why they make specific choices to develop theme, character, plot, and setting.